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    July 8, 2013
    7:00 - 9:01am PDT  

oh, my god! >> team coverage of the deadly crash at sfo. we're gelling new information about the pilot in charge.
>> reporter: three people undergo surgery today and more are headed home. and breaking news. police have sealed off several blocks of an oakland neighborhood. our ktvu news crew is there. "mornings on 2" begins right now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we'll get to the latest on the plane crash investigation. a quick look at weather and traffic. >> we have a lot of fog and low clouds. some of it might be misty conditions. it will be warmer inland but not a lot. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. right now the macarthur maze traffic looks a lot different than it did last week when ten was backed up because we had no b.a.r.t. trains. b.a.r.t. is moving well with all of the trains moving. bay bridge backed up for a 15-
minute delay. but not much more than that. as early as today, the ntsb could interview the pilots involved in the deadly crash- landing at sfo. >> the nose is up in the air. oh, my god. it's an accident. >> you are filming, it, too. >> oh, my god! >> two teenaged girls did not survive and many more people were hurt in saturday's crash. >> we have team coverage. paul chambers is live with the survivors in the flight involved here and alex savidge has more. alex? >> reporter: at this point, the in the won't say if the pilot's
experience with boeing 777 jets had anything to do with this accident. they will try to determine what went wrong. investigators this morning, we've seen some activity out here on the runway. they are continuing to document the wreckage of the aircraft that still sits on the runway here at sfo. now, according to the airline this, was a training flight for the man at the controls. the pilot identified as -- as lee gang-guk. the plane careened out of control and caught fire. the pilot at the controls is quite experienced with more than 9800 hours of flying time. but he only logged about 4300 hours in a of the -- 43 hours
in this type of plane. i asked the head of the ntsb what they are hoping to learn from the pilot. >> i think we understand what was going on in the cockpit, how they were communicating with each other and monitoring air speed. we want to know whether they were flying the plane on auto pilot. we have quite a few questions for them, not just one. i think this goes to not just what happened but why it happened. >> reporter: the black boxes recovered over the weekend, suggests the pilot realized he was about to stall seconds before the crash. he tried to abort the landing seconds before but it was too late and when the plane struck the ground, investigators sa
e plane was flying significantly lower. investigators are looking for any video, surveillance or otherwise that might give them a better sense of what went wrong and why the flight crashed over the weekend. the ntsb will continue their -- continue gathering evidence out here at the crash site here. continue again with interviews with the crew later on today and they plan to hold an update on their investigation at 11:30 this morning. we're live in morning at sfo. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. there's an investigation into whether one of the 16-year- old girls who died actually survived the crash but was hit and killed by an emergency vehicle on the tarmac. the girl was found near the evacuation slide. medical examiners say there were no extensive burnses on
her bo -- bushes on her body -- burns on her body. an autopsy could be completed today. this morning we asked the ntsb about it. they are not commenting. the other girl appears to have died after being ejected from the plane. school officials in china say the parents of those two girls will travel here today. they will be accompanied by ten other sets of parents whose children were hurt in the asiana crash. they will stop in shanghai where they will get visas before boarding flights to san francisco. and asiana is reportedly arranging their travel. just a little while ago, several passengers hurt in the asiana airlines crash left sf general hospital. paul chambers is live at sf general to el it us more about the -- to tell us more about this the injurieses. >> reporter: injuries --
about the injuries. >> reporter: we were told that two of the people injured in the crash will probably be paralyzed. 20 people treated had spinal cord or spinal column injuries from the impact of the crash. she also said a few people had abdominal injuries, consistent with seat belt. >> you have this -- [inaudible] >> reporter: there were more than 50 people brought here. we ut kaup with two women -- we caught up with two women traveling to the hospital. here's what both women had to say. >> i saw the plane is broken. and then fire. >> it's horrible.
it's horrible. i left the -- i left the plane i take my baby to this hospital. >> reporter: here's video from two hours ago. more than eight people boarding an out of service muni bus. they were told they were survivors. we're not sure where they are going but they were also told they didn't want to talk to media. we're told three people will undergo surgery this morning. two people had surgery yesterday. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. more flight delays expected today for people flying into and out of sfo. some passengers are even being told they won't be able to leave until wednesday. coming up at 7:30, we'll go live to sfo. we'll get an update on arrivals and departures. our coverage continues here on air and online at ktvu. co you
pictures and videos. and there's weather issues causing delays. we'll have more on that. but first we want to check in with sal. >> tori, you mentioned the air situation at san francisco airport. they are down to the runway only. you are going to see delays in and out of sfo. we'll cover that coming up. let's take a look at the roads now. a little bit better at the toll plaza. it looks more like it should. the westbound bay bridge is backed up for a 15-minute delay at the toll plaza. if you are driving northbound 101 traffic looks good. southbound 101 looks good down to the peninsula. when you get there, there will be some delays. we have a reporter there, but the delays that are normally
gonna be there, you would still have delays because of the weather and the fog. let's bring steve in. he will talk about that. this is a look at the peninsula here. you can see the traffic here. let's bring in steve. he will talk about the fog. >> there's plenty to go around. almost every location says cloudy. some of that fog producing misty conditions. you get the low 50s in the overcast. it will be a little warmer inland. not a lot. cooler, wednesday, thursday. and it looks like a slight warmup. no big changes. the big dome of high pressure which was parked over us last week, moved off over towards colorado, new mexico. that just allows the fog to burn off slightly sooner. it won't make a difference for the coast and bay. inland temperatures will come up and get back in the 90s.
50s, thigh. livermore was 53. now they are 58 but 52 for santa rosa about an hour ago. that's pretty chilly. a lot of 50s including san jose, 56 which went from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy. there's generally an onshore breeze to a sea breeze. it will start to warm up. with the delta breeze in place, it kind of holts things in check. so fog, sunny, it will be nice for some. and some locations getting back in the 90s and i mean it will be hot for a few. it's almost a typical summertime pattern. these are very cold. it's pretty tough to get that warm and also with this much fog. 60s -- 60s, 70s. fog, sun, warm on tuesday. here comes the cooldown. the m it looks like things turn around. slightly warmer weather on the
weekend. 7:11. we have an update on the breaking news in oakland that's shut down several streets. these are -- these are live pictures. you can see all of the police activity. oakland police were called to a home neermt east 21st street at 1:30 this morning and say the man in the home had some sort of medical emergency. he was taken to the hospital. that's where he died. no shots were fired in the incident, but there were, ation you can see, a large number of police cars rushing to the area. an oakland police public information officer is on the way to get us information. a lot of police officers on the scene, tori. we'll investigate and bring you all of the tee tails as to what happened out there as soon as we get it. >> yeah. so if people are wondering what being on the the -- wondering what is going on. >> yes. >> the streets are blocked off. there's people people.
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temperatures, they will burn off sooner. coast and bay, not much change. upper 80s, low 90s. >> all right, thank you, steve. federal investigators are sifting through a fuge amount of day -- huge amount of data collected from asiana's crash. kyla campbell has more.
>> reporter: the head of the ntsb says there's no indication in black box recordings that the boeing was having any trouble until the final seconds to the impact. she said the pilots were flying too low. the pilot had nearly 10,000 hours of experience flying other planes. but only 43 hours at the hem had hemle -- at the hem. of a 7477. >> we're looking -- at the helm of a 747. >> we're also looking at other things. >> reporter: they will inspect engines and other gear owned by asiana airlines and korean air. back to you. >> thank you. a new animation illustrates what investigators and witnesses say happened the
moment asiana airlines flight 214 crashed at sfo. the animation shows the plane hitting the sea wall, the tail of the plane breaking off, the plane skids, goes up in the air, spins around and spashes back down. it eventually settles in a grassy area and the fuselage starts to smoke. there have not been many plane accidents at sfo. these are pictures from 2008 when an electrical fire broke out. before that, you have to go boock 1972 when a cargo plane crashed into the bay just after take-off. in 1971, there was a passenger crash on pan as am. and in 1968, japan airlines flight landed in the bay. again, in that incident,
everyone made it to safety. we're finding out more about shots fired from a sheriff's deputy. the marin county sheriff's department says the deputy fired shots at a suspect on turner drive. when the suspect's car -- the deputy was also hurt when witnesses attacked him with rocks. police in vallejo treating the discovery of a body found on friday as a possible homicide. no information has been released yet about whether it's a man or a woman or the identity. if you have any information, call vallejo police. this morning, one person is still unaccounted for afterral fire left dozens of people homeless in redwood city. at least 21 people were hurt when the fire start the just before 2 -- started just before 2:00 a.m. on yesterday.
many people who lived in the building had to be rescued. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a fire station in pittsburg is scheduled to close its doors today because of budget cuts. fire station 87 is the fourth station to close in contra costa county this year. firefighters say resources are dangerously low. they are asking contra costa county officials to rethink the closure. after the station closes today, officials will meet tomorrow. the firefighters and chief are hoping the board will fight some funding to keep station 87 open. state lawmakers are debating whether to give condoms to prison inmates. although sexual content is prohibited among inmates, it does happen and it can lead to h.i.v. and other diseases. the legislation passed the
assembly. now it moves the state. if it becomes law, they would be the second state after vermont to give condoms to prisoners. steve paulson says today and tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week with the change coming by on wednesday. also, one man captured the deadly plane crash at sfo on his plane crash. his reaction to the shocking images he saw. traffic is moving along very well here until you get to the macarthur maze. then you will -- then you will slow down.
the man who took the video the moment of asiana plane crashed is talking about witnessing the deadly crash at sfo. >> came face to face and then kind of aerodynamically hovered
in the air and crashed. >> fred hayes says he and his wife were watching some planes coming in. he said the nose was pointed up and he heard a big boom and saw the plane bounce e said he hope -- bounce. he said he hope the video helps with the investigation. well, 19-year-old david shimle along with six other students and an instruct ear went to korea for a competition. shimle says the trip was trouble-free until they approached sfo on their way home. and he felt a bump. >> the first bump was not scary. it was kind of like a roller coaster there. once we got sideways, we started to -- fetal position and getting scared. >> shimle says his group was seated together right in the middle of the plane. they are all doing okay. in fact, shimle taught a tae
kwon do class yesterday. our coverage continues online at that's where you can find the raw footage and see more photos and videos of the passengers ebs caping -- escaping. >> let's check in with sal castanedo. the bay bridge still crowded? >> it is. but it's a different type of crowding. there have been a few things that have popped up. it looks like this vehicle had to be pushed out of the lanes. last week, it was terrible without b.a.r.t. let's take a look at northbound 101. that traffic looks very nice heading over to the middle of downtown. southbound 101 looks good to
the airport. looking at the silicon valley, 85, 17 are looking good into saratoga. 7:24. let's go to steve. plenty of low cloud, fog, and temperatures really not -- it's hard-pressed to warm up that much when you get this much of a fog beige. there are indications that some of the inland locations will bump up. there's plenty of low clouds. 50s, mainly. one 60. that's at moffett. we had low 50s this morning. and just had a report from fred up at bear valley village, 49 degrees. high pressure wind is out for a day or two and then a low- pressure system moves back in and cooler weather moves in for wednesday and thursday. 90s through the interior. some 80s but again, only the most inland locations will warm up that much here.
the pattern looks like it will be stuck here for a couple of days. a little cooldown takes us wednesday into thursday and then a turn around on the temperatures as we head towards the weekend. investigators continue to gather information about the deadly crash at sfo. >> oh, my god. what the [bleep] happened. and more flight delays are expected today. how people are coping with the news it might be a few more days before they can fly out. >> heavy police presence has blocked off a couple of streets. we'll give you the very latest coming up.
the investigation continues this morning into saturday's deadly crash at sfo involving asiana airlines flight 214. here's video of manager escaping the wreckage after the plane's emergency slide deployed. one crew member said there were problems. she said two flight attendants were trapped under some slides when they inflated inside the plane. other flight attendants had to use an ax to deflate the slides. she said despite that, a crew including one member with a broken tail bone continued to help passengers get off the plane. and these pictures show when first responders arrived and began to treat the injured.
the picture were taken by u genre who was a passenger on the -- eugene raw who was a passenger on the plane. he side he could tell something was wrong when he looked outside. >> we're finding out more about the pilot of the asiana jet. asiana airlines said he had almost 9800 hours of experience. but only 43 in that type of plane. a more experienced pilot was assisting him. the two teenaged girls on an educational group from china were killed. the ntsb says as early as today it could interview the pilots. it also says the wreckage of the plane will remain there at the crash site as long as necessary. the plane's engines will be sent to the pratt & whitney
plant in connecticut to be torn and examined. it could take months, maybe years, to determine the probable cause of a major crash. passengers are being told to prepare for more delays at sfo. one of the reasons, is a typical one. weather. ktvu reporter katie utehs is at the airport talking to people who have been stuck there since saturday. >> reporter: good morning. three of the four lanes are now open. runways are open. that's good news. some of the backlog is clearing. some people have been stuck since their flights were canceled on saturday. i spoke to one woman trying to get home to south korea. she's traveling with her 2- month-old son. >> it's hard. i think he's doing well. >> reporter: there are many tired and weary faces. but some of the backlog appears to be clearing. the flight board remains on
time. there are several scheduled arrivals canceled. many travelers have been stuck here since saturday. some are paying extra money to stay in hotels. others are trying to make the most of a bad situation. [inaudic] >> reporter: one of the things that is on toch of people's mind -- top of people's find is the fact when they are flying in and out of sfo, the wreckage is still on runway. one woman said they won't have them sit anywhere near the seat because that's unnerving to see that as you are taking off on a flight. more the most part, the flights resume. you will want to check with your individual carrier. we have spoken with jetblue passengers. live at -- live at sfo, katie
utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues online at that's where you can find the raw footage as well as pictures and video of passengers escaping. new this morning, an investigation into walnut creek is underway after a paraglider fell to his death. it happened last night at lime ridge open space. it's behind boundary golf course. a man was rushed to a trauma center. that's where he later died. we're still following breaking news in oakland. a police investigation has shut down several streets. brian flores is live on east 224th street. you know what happened out there? >> yes. >> reporter: from what we understand, this was more of a medical emergency situation. as you mentioned, a couple of streets are closed. east 21st street still a heavy
police presence behind me. they say they will be here throughout the morning. they responded to some type of service call roughly at 1:40. i'm told it was not a deeck violence, just some type of service call. when they arrived at the house on east 21st. an man in his 50s had a medical emergency. paramedics soon arrived and the man was taken to a local hospital where he was shortly pronounced dead. it was the man's sister who was also living at the house at the time when made the call to 911. oakland police say the heavy police presence is because of protocol and we understand they've notified their internal affairs unit. as soon as we hear from an
oakland police spokesman, we'll also that along. >> thank you. menlo park police are investigating 13 ins tents of -- incidents of car vandalism. they happened between 8:00 p.m. on saturday and 7:00 on sunday. each case involves items left in unlocked vehicles. police are reminding meem not to leave valuables in the car and to keep the -- to keep the doors locked. the oakland school district has rejected the indian charter. an alameda county superior
court judge granted a temporary order last month. changes today at valley transit authority services, on lines 37, 180 and 183, they are being disconnected. there are route changes on lines 32, 42 and 81. the dash shuttle will keep operating until 9:00 at night. all of the details are on is the website. b.a.r.t. and the two biggest unions are due to resume contract boeshations. commuters are lee leerned -- are ri leashed to know they are just running again. both sides admit they have a lot of work to do in this short amount of time. and the ac transit board will hold a special closed door
session to go over their negotiation us. that contract expired june 30th. at least for now, the work remembers not talking about a strike. the transit agency said there's already proo gres. transit leaders plan to meet in san francisco to talk about whether or not the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day. the committee is scheduled to brief lawmakers into why 32 seismic safety bolts cracked after being tightened in march. it's possible the bridge may open before all of the testing is done. a decision on the grand opening is expected this wednesday. and starting tonight, expect toll lane closures -- toll lane closures on the bay bridge. up to two lanes will close at a time for a system upgrade. the lane closures will continue through labor day. and sal, who is our traffic guru, asked about if you know about the timing closure.
will it be just at night? >> i'm looking -- i'm looking at the caltrans website and it looks like they will be only doing those at night. they won't be doing it during the heart of the morning commute. what p they have closures that they do during normal time. it's in bold writing. they want everyone to know. usually when it is in light, it's in smaller writing. i will talk -- i will talk more to a person when they get in the office. the westbound bay bridge is worse than it was. it's baked up. still nothing like last week without trains. but it's backed up for a 25- minute delay. and i put the question out there on twitter. are you just going back to b.a.r.t. business as usual? >> many are. i got some tweets.
many are still upset with both sides. santa clara valley has been very nice. northbound 101 is the slowest highway from capital expressway to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >> all right. a lot of low clouds and fog. i want to give a nice congratulations to russell who won his 12 -- 12,000th horse race. not only if he a great athlete but one of the best interviews as far as an athlete. congratulations to you. wi to have a lot of low clouds and nothing place and it's -- you know, it's tough to warm up when you get this much fog. a lot of low clouds. there are signs that inland temperatures will come up a few degrees. midweek, wednesday, thursday. we cool it down. 2340 big changes. it looks like a quiet week when
we had temperatures inland. 50s on the temperatures. had some low 50s, 60s. mountain view says 50, 60. fairfield had gusts to 30 over a few hours ago. now it's west and jim in pittsburg says a pretty good breeze. about 25 miles an hour out of the west. still a westerly component. there's no north-northeast wind. the big one moved off farther to the east. but inland temperatures will km up with a little bit sl. there's a lot of fog out there. i mean, top to bottom. i just tweeted out the visible satellite. carl the fog on twitter is probably happy as can be with all of that follow. >> up in clearlake, vacaville, it gets warm. but vallejo, crockett -- by the
way, crockett they went to port costa, had a nice time there. 70s for some, oakland in there. walnut creek 86. livermore, 91. it gets warm up towards east san jose. but down -- but downdown san jose, 60s on the coast. san bruno, burling game all in the low to mid-70s. cooler pattern kicks until. slight temperature warmups on the weekend. 19 minutes before 8. we continue our coverage on the asiana plane crash. we're learning more about the young victims -- burlingame plane crash. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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stokes rising in early trade ahead of the second quarter reports. alcoa. record company earnings have been a big support for stock prices this year. pushing stock prices to record highs. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 113. the nasdaq is up 9. s&p up 11. 7:44. it's getting easier for facebook users to find people, face -- people, places and photos. they are rolling out the graph feature. it announced this january. but only a few people have been allowed to test it.
construction is now underway on google's new mountain view campus on the edge of the bay. this is an artist's rendition of the campus. it's the first campus that google has designed and built from the ground up. it's designed to use natural light and radiant heat. at 11:00 a.m., we'll hear from some of the emergency workers first on the scene of that asiana airlines crash at sfo. san francisco will hold a news conference. yesterday, mayor ed lee thanked everyone who helped the victims. first responders have been linked to a tragedy at the
website. >> we now know that the two people killed on that flight were killed. they've identified the 16-year- old girls as chinese students. they were part of a group of 30 students from a school in eastern china traveling to the u.s. for a two-week summer camp here in california. now medical examiners say it appears one of the girls died after being reejected from the plane. the other survived the crash but was hit and killed by a vehicle. we spoke to the ntsb. >> we heard conflicting reports. so we need to gather up all of the information and make sure that we need to validate it. we want to do interviews with the first responders and passengers and look at video. the girl was found near the evacuation slide and medical examiners say there were no extensive burns on the body and that her injuries are consistent with being hit by a
vehicle. the san francisco fire department acknowledges it's possible and could have happened in the chaos. an autopsy could be completed. now, also today, the girl's parents will travel to shanghai for special visas and then here to san francisco. in our next hour of "mornings on 2" will accompany them on this very sad trip. reporting live in the newsroom, pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. this is video of some of the passengers back home. most didn't want to talk to the waiting mob of reporters there. 77 south koreayans were on the plane -- 77 south koreans were on the plane.
flight 214 originated in shanghai. there were 141 chinese citizens on board. many were students traveling to california for a summer camp. >> they are here for the sumper camp -- summer camp. we're very sorry and sad for their tragedy. >> yesterday, the chinese consulate general met with students to address their concerns. 7:48. as the ntsb continues its investigation into the deadly plane crash. veteran pilots around the bay area are weighing in. so far, the ntsb has confirmed that flight 214 came in too slow and too low. then stalled and tried too late to a -- to abort the landing and try again. we're learning the pilot of the controls had only flown
this type of plane for 43 hours and had never landed a boeing at an airport before. >> in the asian community, they respect the elders. they respect that chain of command. it's possible that the guy in the right seat, he didn't want to say, captain, you are screwing up. >> other bay area pilots say human error is to blame, saying such an error is inexcusable. >> our coverage continues online at that's where you can find the raw footage of the scene. this morning, the ntsb is also sending teams to alaska. they are investigating a small plane crash.
authorities say all nine nine people survived when this crashed at the airport, 75 miles southwest of anchorage. the plane burst into flames before rescuers got there. also this morning, at least 40 people still unaccounted for after a train carrying crude oil derailed in canada. and there were explosions and fires. at least five people were killed in this derailment and the explosion on saturday morning. it destroyed buildings in a town in quebec. firefighters are still trying to put out the flames from two burning tanker cars. they had been keeping their distance because of the possibility of even more explosions. ten minutes before 8:00, congress gets back to work today after a week-long 4th of july break. the house of representatives is scheduled to take up immigration reform. john boehner has scheduled a
meeting he said the house will come up with their own immigration legislation. starting today, 650,000 civilian defense department employees will be forced to take one unpaid day off each week through september 21st. >> that will equal a 20% reduction in the pay. it's part of the sequester spending cut. the wife of john kerry remains in critical condition. she was flown to massachusetts general hospital last night after she became ill while at the family's vacation home on nantucket island. secretary of state john kerry is at her side. this morning a person in close
contact said higez-kerry was showing -- heinz-kerry was showing symptoms consistent with a seizure. before that, she had planned to -- he had planned to travel to israel but obviously that's now not -- >> yeah. we wish her well. what happened in the final seconds before the crash at sfo and what's next for the families of the victim. and an amazing story of survival. how a surfer was able to live through a very dangerous encounter with a whale.
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and soon we'll be ending alzheimer's disease. and that'll be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at the coast guard is asking boats to slow down for endangered whales. an unusual number of whales have been spotted off the
islands due to an abundance of krill in the water. in australia, a surfer is lucky to be alive after being knocked unconscious by the tail of a whale. the whale swam up to him and other surfers yesterday. they were excited about the close encounter. but moments later, it turned trust. the surfer is recovering at a hospital and is expected to survive. this is because the whale flipped it's tail and snapped it back down on the water. 7:55. sal, the toll plaza how, is it holding up. we had a stalled vehicle that was there. they pushed it out. but it caused slow traffic. it looks like it's backed out to the macarthur maze. it looks like the lens is dirty. the traffic is moderate once you get on the bridge. this is a look at 237 getting
into milpitas over to sunnyvale and to your job in the valley. it looks pretty good. there are no major problems on 101. you a though it's slow getting into sunnyvale. we mention -- although it's slow getting into sunny vary. we mentioned things are improving on 85 northbound. let's go to steve. plenty of low clouds. a few sunbreaks here and there. temperatures starting off a little cooler this morning. about as big a fog bank as i've seen on the coast for a lodge, longs time. that it will burn off. temperatures will -- not much of a change. in the 50s for many compared to last week when we were in the 70s. with that fog bank there, it's tough to warm up that much. a little breezy to windy, especially out to the window. afternoon highs do warm up away from the coast. but closer to it. you will find a lot of 60s and 70s. inland, 80s to 90s. these are close to seasonal
average. slight warmup on tuesday. it looks like we settle in on friday and then a slight warmup for inland temperatures on the weekend. dave and tori? >> thank you. more delays expected today for passengers at sfo. >> i'm getting home wednesday at 5:00 a.m. >> more on what you should expect if you are heading out to the airport. and the ntsb investigation into the crash is moving fooshed. later today, investigators plan to sit down and interview the pilot of the flight. what they hope to learn from the crew. >> reporter: three people will undergo surgery today from the crash according to doctors here. more when "mornings on 2" continues.
welcome back. let's check weather, traffic and go straight to steve. he knows about the forecast. a little warmer inrand -- inland. a lot of fog on the coast t will slowly retreat back to the coast. inland, some 80s to a new couple -- even mid-90s. good morning. northbound 880 as you get up to the coliseum, you will see traffic moving along. b.a.r.t.
has no delays. we had a minor delay in concord. it was affecting a small amount of passengers but not affecting the inland trains as the dispatcher told me and things are doing pretty well. westbound bay bridge backed up a little more than it was a couple of minutes ago. according to chp, they pushed a stalled car off. it's about a 30-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. 8:00, let's go back to the desk. the ntsb could interview the pilots involved in that deadly asiana airlines crash- landing at sfo. >> his nose is up in the air. oh, my god! it's an accident. >> oh, you are filming it, too. >> oh, my god! >> we have live team coverage
for you of the disaster at sfo. paul chambers is live at sf general with the latest condition of the survivors on the flight. let's go to ktvu's alex savidge. you are in millbrae. you talked to the head of the ntsb about the experience level of the pilots. >> reporter: well, this morning, dave, according to asiana airlines. that pilot was on a training fight when he crashed on saturday. it was saturday -- that was the first time he flew that particular type of plane. a boeing triple 7 here into sfo. by all accounts he came in low and he was going far too slow and the plane's tail section slammed into the end of the runway. as we push in, you may be able to see investigators are out here now with the ntsb still documenting the wreckage. the chair of the ntsb told me this morning, investigators plan to sit down and interview the pilots of that asiana flight 214 later today.
the pilot at the controls has been identified as lee cook. he had only logged about 43 hours in a boeing triple 747. he's still in the process of getting his license for that particular aircraft. do you think he had enough experienced flying the plane? >> we know the airline has released information about ther experience -- about their experience overall and also their experience in the -- in these flights. >> reporter: federal investigators say the pilot realized he was about to stall seven seconds before the crash. he tried to abort the landing.
when the plane crashed investigators say the aircraft was flying significantly below its target speed. the ntsb chair told me that's certainly a point of certain for investigators. later on this morning at 11:30, the ntsb is planning to hold an update on their investigation. we'll have full coverage for you later today on ktvu. we're live near sfo, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. there is also an investigation into one of the -- into whether one of the 16- year-old girls died survived the crash but was then hit and killed. the girl was found near the evacuation slide. medical examiners say she did not have expensive burned on her body and her injuries are consistent with being hit by a vehicle. the san francisco fire department said it's possible it could happen in all of the chaos. an autopsy could be completed. this morning, we asked the ntsb
about it. but they are making no comment. the other teenaged girl appears to have died after being ejected from the plane. school officials in china reportedly say the parents of those two teenaged girls will fly here from the u.s. to china. they will be accompanied by ten other sets of parents. they will first stop in shanghai to get visas before boarding flights straight to san francisco. asiana airlines reportedly is making the arrangements. a few hours ago, several passengers hurt in the asiana airlines crash left sf general hospital. but some of the passengers are still there. paul chambers is live to tell us about their injuries. good morning, paul. >> good morning. we're told to expect an update later this afternoon. we were told that three people will undergo surgery today. she also said that two people -- two people will be paralyzed
for the rest of their lives. >> we also hope people will recover. the chances of that are slim. they will have their spine stabilized so they can sit up. it looks like a couple of them will be permanently paralyzed. >> here's voof we took of eight people who told -- here's -- here's video we took of eight people and we were told they didn't want to do any interviews. in all there were 53 people treated here. the chief of surgery told me about -- about 20 of those people had some type of spinal fracture. either spinal cord or sminnal column from the impact of the crash. the doctors went on to say others had abdominal injuries which appeared consistent with passengers secured with seat belts. >> as the belt causes you to buckle over, then you have this injure of the spine and sometimes the spine am cord is
-- is injured as well. >> the hospital says it will give us another update coming up at 11:00. we will stay on top of this and bring you the i have latest as it happens. >> it's still unclear how many people are inside. about eight to ten people people got on the bus and left. we're still trying to get the exact number. i can tell you that six people are still here in critical condition. live outside of sf general. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. people are told they could be stranded until the middle of the week at sfo. how people are holed up and what the flight boards and the faa are saying about the flights today. our coverage continues at that's where you can kind the raw footage of the skype of the crash site as well as more pictures and video of passengers escaping. transit leaders will meet
in san francisco. they are debating whether the new span of the bay bridge will open as planned on labor day. lawmakers will be briefed about the 32 seismic safety bolts that cracked. it's possible the new bay bridge may oip before all of the that tests is done. a decision on the grand opening expected wednesday. starting tonight, expect toll lane closures. as many as two lanes will be closed at a time. those lane closures will continue straight through labor day. 8:07. let's check in with sal and see what's happening with the toll plaza -- the traffic there and the rest of the bay area. >> that's right. right now we're looking at the toll plaza, 24 la fayy -- 24 la fayette. westbound looks good getting up to the ton. there are no major delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we had an earlier stall that made things for a mess. but things are beginning to
recover and this is nothing like that we had last week. i think the whole community system is better with b.a.r.t. system. let's go to the south bay. it's obvious some people still have time off in july. i do want to mention that the faa is reporting there could be some air delays because of a ground delay program after 8:00. the best thing to do always is to check with your particular airline. you knee there have been delays for other reasons as well. call your airline to make sure you are still on time. let's go to steve. well, pretty good fog bank out there. a couple of breaks here and there. i think oakland has had some partly sunny. it's about 90% cloudy on the fog bank. there it is. now, it as i did -- now it disappears. we'll get to the morning. right there. top to bottom. there's plenty to go around.
still a westerly component. high pressure trying to build back in slightly. no, no, no. it won't be as hot as last week. that's for sure. a little bit warmer. near the 0 -- near 90. had much cooler lows. 50s. now we're seeing 50s and 60s. some areas hard-pressed to warm up r 22, fairfield, travis. that's picked up a little bit. actually about 25 miles per hour out near port chicago. del tall breeze is in place. still get the wind. 50s, 60s, 90 in palm springs already. i think they were at 56. temperatures then will come up for a few days t sowm areas won't be affect -- few days. some areas won't be affected. if you have the low cloud deck and you are in the 60s, you won't see much of a change. antioch brentwood as well.
pittsburg as well. even west coast, it looks cooler. 60s on the coast. 70s mainly on the peninsula. we'll go 81. woodside mountain view. fog, sun, warm again on sunday. aleast away from the coast. and then a cooldown will impact the inland areas the most wednesday into thursday. it looks like slight warmup away from the coast by the weekend. thank you, steve. prisonerses across california are going on a hunger strike. since the beginning of the year, prisoners said they will starve themselves unless the corrections department improves conditions inside the state's solitary confinement conditions. uc berkeley students plan to hold a rally this afternoon to support the strike. california experienced its largest massive prison strike in 2011, when 6500 inmates
refused food. san jose police have announced they will record the race of every person they stop on the street. this is part of a new policy known as curb sitting. they say this will help officers to determine if officers are racial profiling. officers will be required to input the information for pedestrians's this as well -- for pedestrians they stop as well as those curb sitters. we'll take you live to los angeles next where a dhuch is still -- such is still reeling from a tragedy. and how george zimmerman's mother is still reeling.
8:14. the chairman of the ntsb revealing more details about the final moments before saturday's crash-landing at sfo. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, investigators are getting second-by-second information by kay kyla. >> reporter: the chairman said there's no indication in cockpit voice recordings that there was any trouble until the final seconds before the imimpact. the -- impact. four seconds before the crash,
the plane warned the pilots the system was gonna stall. 1.5 seconds the pilot asked to aboard the landing but it was too late. the head of the ntsb is investigating the crews' training and whether they were using auto pilots or hand flying the plane. >> we need to refine the raw data and corroborate it with radar track date ta from air traffic control to get a good -- data from air traffic control to get a good accurate feed. j. korean officials will inspect the -- korean officials will inspect these airlines. there are about 50 in their neat. an emotional vigil in china as people there mourn the two young girls killed in the crash landing. here's new video showing dozens of students gathering in front of the schools that the victims
attend ed. many students were in -- attended. many students were in tear es. the group said prayers for the young victims. we are learning more this morning about the two teenaged girls killed in the crash. hal eisner joins us live from los angeles with what we're learning about the identities of the girls and where they were headed. >> reporter: good morning. we know the two girls' names. they are wang lynn jia and ye meng yuan. we now they were coming here to southern california. let's show you a picture of the two girls killed. they were both on the tarmac outside of this plane. the way this is being described is that one of them was ejected out of the plane. the other one may have been run over by an emergency vehicle. that's yet to be determined by the coroner. here at the church, they were
coming down here for a very special program in which they would have learned englis, they would have learned about american cultures and toured local universities and during all of that some of them may have been coming here for the hoot -- for the high school experience. for the church, west valley christian church, it was something new to have them come offer. so clearly, even though the parents were told they don't know which child was gonna stay at which home, it was clear for those at the church who were gonna be their host as well. yesterday, during services, sherr mons changed -- sermons changed from what they were gonna go and tragedies about and why bad things happen to good people and now there is a
big effort to raise money. not only to help the families in china but to try to help replace luggage and items may have been in luggage that were strewn all over the place. so the bottom line is here in southern california in the west part of the san fernando valley which is where we are. sometimes it's referred to as west hills. the people are trying to try -- are trying to deal with something that they never expected to occur. they, too, are feeling a sense of shock. in los angeles, hal eisner for ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:18. in other news, a so lem ceremony in lars for the 19 -- in arizona for the 19 firefighters. a caravan of hearses traveled. and large crowds gathered along the route. they were paying their respects. those firefighters were skilled
-- were killed june 30th. back more at home -- back here at home, san francisco animal shelters, for the first time in its 24-year history, it will be closed to the public two days a week, on sundays and mondays. also, it will only keep a limited number of staff members to look after animals were -- with emergencies. happening now, in sanford, florida, the defense in the george zimmerman trial is resuming its arguments. today's testimony comes after trayvon martin's mother and brother took the witness stand friday for the prosecution. sabrina fulton testified it was trayvon's voice that can be heard on 911 calls beaging for -- begging for help. zimmer meam's mother and uncle testified that the -- zimmer man's mother and uncle testified that the voice is
zimmerman. strnl his attorney -- it's attorney said he has not decided whether he will take the witness stand. if ever get asked for your zip code when buying something at the store? why you should know more about doing that. if you are driving on the east bay freeways, it's still better. we'll tell you more -- we'll tell you more about the commute. look at 'em.
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tonight, the opening ceremony for the biggest solar conference in the country gets underway in san francisco. manufacturers installers, researchers, will all be on hand for the four-day event at moscone center. organizers say there will be new technology unveiled at this r year's conference -- at this year's conference. 30,000 people are expected to take part in workshops and lectures on the latest in the solar industry. san francisco's clean power program has been installed for months but could get going. they are scheduled to vote tomorrow on details of the program. it would automatically enroll existing pg&e customers who get electricity from the utility. the average customers would pay up to $13 a month to get green energy. customers would opt out and
stay with pg&e. if you buy something with a credit card, you may be asked for your zip code. many people think you have to tell your zip code to use your credit card. the california supreme court ruled that stores cannot require zip code information. privacy advocates say markets companies can use your zip code and name to figure out your past purchases as well as your address an phone number. that information can be used by marketers or other people trying to contact you. >> very interesting. >> yes, it is. 8:24. want to check in with sal. >> when you go to the gas station -- >> the gas station. i for got about that. >> you can't use your credit card information you put in
your zip code. maybe they are trying to verify the card. if you are in this area, you might want to consider using an alternate to that ramp. but the freeway traffic is not bad. let's talk about the commute on the bay bridge. it's improved. there was a stall earlier, kind of got worse but noise better, especially on the 880 ramps. things are moving well. if you are driving on interstate 880 northbound past high street, you start to see slow traffic that continues for a mile. let's go to steve. >> sal, in order for me to do the weathercast, i need your zip code. okay, steve. not! [laughter] >> we have a big fog bank. take a look. right there. right there. it made a good push inland but it's already beginning to
retreat. we have a west wind in place. west at 25 miles an hour. low clouds a little warmer inland today. all of these temperatures are close to seasonal average. another cooldown takes us wednesday, thursday and then toward the end of the week, i think we'll see warmer temperatures. fairfield, 60. if you are stuck in that fog, it's tough to warm up. it's retreating. a lot of low clouds and fog in place which means not much of a change. just subtle changes. i think temperatures warming up for a few. if you get a south breeze like they do in napa, marin county, it's tough to get warm. south bay will warm up a little bit. big difference between downtown san jose and east san jose. on the coast, 60s and 70s. warmer weather, just a little bit tuesday. cooler wednesday and thursday. then it looks like a subtle warm up as we go to the weekend. this morning, the ntsb
continues the investigation of that deadly jet crash at sfo. >> reporter: three of the four runways here at sfo are back open. things are beginning to return to normal. i will tell you who is experiencing delays -- coming up. a heavy police presence here in oakland. we'll tell you more of what happened and how a 50-year-old man was dead. "mornings on 2" continues right after this. [ male announcer ] to all you burger aficionados...
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into sawlt's deadly -- saturday's deadly crash. here's video of passengers escaping the wreckage of a the plane's emergency slides deployed. one crew member said there was a problem. she said two flight attendants were trapped beneath the slides when they inflated inside the plane. other flight attendants actually used axes to deflate those slides. despite the incident, she said the crew including one member with a broken tail bone kept helping passengers get off the plane. well, today could be another long day for passengers at sfo. ktvu's katie utehs is there now. and saturday's deadly plane crash is not the only reason travelers are being delayed. >> there are some weather delays for incoming flights. it doesn't appear to be affecting the international terminal all that greatly. most of the people who have been here throughout the weekend and into the early- morning hours should get out
today. we're talking about people who have slept at hotels and some who have just slept right here at the airport. >> i feel bad for them. they all -- we all want to go somewhere. we're all trying to go somewhere. we're all trying to be on vacation or go home. it's kind of unfair. it's unfortunate. >> reporter: there are many tired and weary faces. the flight board at sfo reads well for people departing. most flights are either on time. there are several scheduled arrivals that are canceled. we're seeing weather delayed flights. there's an staff be issue we believe with jetblue for those trying to get to austin.
>> anything can happen any time. you just gonna go for it and -- it's one of those things that happen. very rare to have plane crashes. it's one of those things. you could walk across the road and get hit tomorrow. >> reporter: one woman i spoke is flying with young children. they are very conscious that this is visible. so that woman said that they were gonna have her kids sit near the aisle. check with your airline to see if there are any delays. things seem to be running smoothly here. >> our coverage continues at that's where you can find the raw footage of the scene as well as photo and voot of the
passengers escaping. we're following breaking news in oakland where a death during a police call has led to a big police response. brian flores is live with where a man died when police responded to a hole. >> reporter: police say this was more of a medical emergency situation. but a heavy presence remains behind me. police say they will be here throughout the morning. from what we understand, they got a service call roughly around 1:40 this morning -- 1:4 in the morning. i'm told it wasn't a domestic violence call or shots call. they wouldn't elaborate. when they arrived on east 21st street, an hispanic man answered and then had a medical emergency. paramedics arrived. now, still a lot of unanswered questions. we still don't know what
exactly happened to him. but it was the man's sister who was living at the house who made the call to 911. i asked if there were weapons used and o.p.d. said there weren't. they also say the man was a suspect for a crime. but police say the reason for the heavy police presence is protocol and and beunderstand the chief of police and internal affairs was notified of this. >> thank you. we're learning more about shots fired by sheriff -- by a sheriff's deputy who fired shot as a -- who fired shots at a suspect on turner's drive when the suspect accelerated his car at the deputy. the deputy was hurt when witnesses attacked him with rocks. vallejo police are treating the discovery of a body found on friday as a possible
homicide. police say someone spotted body near the mare island strait. no information has been released about the gender or identity of the remains. anyone with information is asked to call vallejo police. menlo park police investigating 13 inscy depths of car vandalism. it happened between 8:00 p.m. saturday. each case involved items left inside unrocked -- up locked vehicles. it happened on gilbert avenue, gloria circle. pine street and yale road. police are reminding everyone don't leave valuables in the cars and keep the doors locked. >> a hearing set for today in a case involving a controversial charter school in oakland that could be closed to -- that could be forced to slow down. parents have fought to keep the school open. they say it was recently ranked
among the best high schools in america. a judge granted a temperature restraining order last month. that would allow the school to hold its summer session while it files an appeal. 8:35. starting today, there are changes to valley transit authority service. some parts of the service on lines 37, 180 and 38 are being disconnected. there are route changes on lines 32, 42 and 81. the dash shuttle will continue operating until 9:00 at night. details are on the v.t.a. website. we have some new information now on the b.a.r.t. contract talks. ktvu news has just spoken to a union representative. she told us there are currently no plans for negotiators for management and the union to meet today. instead union workers plan to march to b.a.r.t. headquarters for a rally and the two sides probably won't
meet until later this week. they have until august 4th to reach a new deal or workers say they will be walk out again. tonight, the a.c. transit board will hold a special closed -- a special closed session. the contract expired on june 30th. at least for now, workers are not talking about a strike. the transit agency says there's already been some pro fres in these talks at least for the ac transit. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, on the peninsula, how are they doing. >> doing pretty well. 101, 280, trying to get a catch, if you are, let's say to san francisco, and you are driving on 101, it should be okay. we'll look at 101/29 in san mateo. we have slow traffic. it's been a nice drive for the move part. getting to the south bay northbound 101 is the slowest. we had an accident near
foothill. that's gone. 880 southbound between hayward an union city, we have a 24- minute time between 238 and mowry avenue. bay bridge is clearing out. it's about a ten to 15-minute wait. backed up to the end of the parking lot at the administration of the -- admission of the toll plaza there. at 8:37. let's go to steve. a little bit of sun already breaking through the fog bank. head back to the coast and stick and say. there's a lot of fog overnight. here we go. we'll see it in the morning. that's a lot of fog. that's up around 2,000 feet. might come down a little bit tonight and tomorrow. don't want to freak you out. it will just be warmer, especially from those away from the coast. temperatures starting off in the 50s. much, much different than last week. the high builds back in for two days and the system will
develop. combination of those two will give us the change in the pattern. already some of os for some -- 60s for some. we had a lot of low 50s. the low cloud deck keeping things in check. still a tee cent breeze. fairfield, 22. out towardsport chicago, 20, 25. the delta breeze has no problem this morning. we'll see if it holds. a little bit of a southeast towards san jose. also up into mountain view. 50s, 60s, up in the mountains and then 61 in sacramento. already hot in palm springs, you would expect that in july. it looks like nights and mornings would be about the same. breezy or windy. slight warmup for those away from the coast. it's 72 in clearlake according
to chloe. st. helena, 90. vallejo, crockett, benicia in there. livermore, pleasanton, low, mid- 90s. 80s for many and 70s as you get back to oakland, berkeley and alameda. 81 san jose. warmer to east san jose, probably 87. too much fog on the coast for a big warmup. 70s to very low 80sen the peninsula -- 80sen the peninsula. about the -- 80s on the peninsula. wednesday, thursday, things look cooler. the weekend looks warmer away from the coast. >> all right, steve. mosquitoes in lake county, they tested positive for the west nile virus. vector control says this may be the reason for the rise of mosquitoes statewide. west nile virus has been seen in 24 california counties. about half of those cases were in sacramento and los angeles counties. the 2013 grape harvest could come earlier than usual.
that could cause problems for growers who still don't have all of the 2012 grapes all of the barrels and into bottles yet. last year's record crop left wineries with no place to store grapes. so now they are looking for new places to store crops. hiring is skyrocketing in one part of the u.s. labor market that most people don't want to be part of. the number of terp workers has jumped more than -- temp workers has jumped more than 50%. the increase in temps shows many employers are still not willing to make long-term hiring commitments. it is decision day for the new bay bridge span. when commuters will know whether the planned labor day opening will take place. and new information about one of the teenagers killed in that plane crash at sfo, what
the ntsb is saying this morning. and piecing together the final seconds of asiana flight for 214 that crashed at sfo over the weekend. what federal investigators hope to learn when they interview the crew rater on today. on-- later on today.
stocks are higher right now. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently up 82 at 15,218. the nasdaq is up 2. s&p up 8. in about three hours, the ntsb is set to hold a news conference on the asiana airlines crash-landing at sfo. alex savidge joins us live from millbrae to talk about early findings of the investigation and the experience level of the pilot. that's what everyone is talking about. >> reporter: the focus is on the pilot according to the airline, this was a training flight for the pilot who was at the controls of that boeing 777 on saturday. on saturday was the first time this pilot had flown that particular type of plane, the 777, into sfo. he came in low and his speed
was not high enough and the tail section flts plane slammed into the -- tail seconds. the slam slammed down -- the plane slammed down today. the man at the controls is identified as lee gang-guk. but he had only logged about 43 hours at the controls of a boeing 777. federal investigators say the plane's black boxes suggest the pilot realized he was gonna stall 7 seconds before the crash. he tried to abort the landing and do a goaround but at that point, it was too late. seven seconds before impact that they realized they were
slow. they are communicating with each other on the cockpit voice recorder. there's a recognition that the aircraft is belee their target speed and they get a stick shaker activation. that's really significant. that's telling you about the airline is about to stall and they really don't have a lot of altitude at that point to recover. >> reporter: the head of the ntsb told us the aircraft was flying significantly be -- below their target speed and they -- the chair told me that the fact that the pilots didn't realize there was an issue seven seconds before the impact is a concern and one they will zero in on. the head of the ntsb is telling investigators, they've seen this video, that shows the flight still in the air and shows the impact. she said the investigators are still trying to get their hand on that piece of video and are
trying to get their hands on any sort of witness video, photos and surveillance video that may have been taken that shows the crash from saturday. the ntsb plans to have an update at 11:30 this morning. we'll have full coverage for you on the news at noon. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. in about 90 minutes we'll hear from the emergency woers on the -- workers who were on the first on the scene of the crash. investigators and police officers will hold a news conference at 10:00 a.m. it was started to start at 11:00, but it was just moved because the ntsb is holding a first responders helped passengers on the flight after it crashed. first responders have been link to the a tragedy at the -- linked to a tragedy at the crash site. good morning, pam. >> reporter: well, there are reports that one of the girls
killed the sfo on saturday survived the crash but was hit by an emergency vehicle. the investigation certainly just beginning. the ntsb told us this morning that it is something the agency is looking into and that video of the crash site from surveillance tape, the first responders and any witness could also be very helpful in determining exactly what happened. >> this is a very serious issue. we've also heard those reports. we're taking a look at thel. we've -- taking a look at them. we've record conflicting reports and we needed to gather up all of the information and make sure that we need to validate it. >> the two girls who have died have been identified as 16-year- old chinese students. they were part of a group of a school traveling to the u.s. for a two-week summer camp here in california. medical examiners say it appears one the girls died after being rejected from the
plane. but the other girl's injuries are consistent with being hit by a vehicle. now, a press conference was held at the girls' school earlier today. the vice principal said their parents are heading to san francisco later today with two teachers and government officials as well as other parents were their province and an autopsy report could be completed today. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. this is video of some of the survivors of the reaush plane crash involve -- of the asiana plane crash. some survivors flew home. one person was in a wheelchair. another on the etch haver. most didn't want to talk -- stretcher. most didn't want to talk to the waiting mob of reporters there. let's bring you up to date on -- on some other top stories. at 1:30, police were called to
a home on east 21st streat. they say that man had a medical emergency. he was taken to the hospital and died. transit leaders meet in san francisco about whether or not the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day. there are concerns about broken bolts. a decision is expected to be announced by wednesday. and the wife of secretary of state john kerry is in critical condition in a boston hospital. reportedly, 74-year-old teresa heinz-kerry may possibly have suffered a seizure. the secretary of state is at her side. nine minutes before 9:00, three countries have now offered edward snowden asylum but venezuela says today is the deadline for joeden to respond -- for snowden to respond off -- respond to the offer. the foreign minister says they've not received any communitycation from snowden.
over the weekend -- communication from snowden. happening rate now, president obama is scheduled to make a policy statement on -- >> to discuss ways to use technology and bring a government built largely in the 20th century into the 21st century. we already set out to build a new type of campaign, one that used technology to bring people together and trusted them with that technology to organize. and the idea was simple. instead of bringing more people to the campaign, we wanted to bring the campaign to more people. and let them derm its course and nature. if -- determine its course and
nature. if you wanted to make phone calls or knock on doors, you didn't have to come into a field office first. you could get the information you needed and go out there and do it. if you want to get your friends involved, we have the tools to help you connect. i very much felt that some of the things we were doing to help us get elected could also be used once we were elected. if you wanted to share your story, we could help you get your stroir out. through -- get your story out. and throughout this process, we completed one of the most successful campaigns in history. >> we were listening to president obama speaking about google and how they helped in his campaign. >> yeah. >> and all of the figure they provided -- technology they provided and they are beginning to work on a new headquarters in the bay area. we were thinking the president may be making a comment on the asiana plane crash at sfo this weekend. has not made a comment yet.
we'll continue to monitor this if the president has any reaction and we'll bring that to you. 8:53. nearly two dozen people hurt in a weekend fire on the peninsula. why the investigation is now focused on one other person. good morning. at the toll plaza things are clearing out. we'll give you one last check of the morning commute. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
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the hallmark house apartments caught fire yesterday. a lot of the residents had to be rescued from the balconies. the cause of the fire still under investigation. 8:57 quickly one more time. i want to check in with sal and see what's happening with the commute. we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic is clearing out. it's very nice. east 80 at pinole valley road, an injury crash. east 80 at pinole valley road. it's west 80 on pinole valley road. let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds. some of that beginning to burn off. i don't think much of that will happen by the coast. 60s, 70s. inland temperatures will come up a little bit. then a cooldown on wednesday,
thursday. right before where we should be. >> that cloud cover is huge. >> thanks for making ktvu your choice for news. >> be sure to watch us at noon. there listen news conferences in the next couple of hours. we'll bring you the latest information. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us. [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!" and you were like, "thanks,
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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. get ready for great videos "right this minute." excited fans line up along a dragway. >> people are really, really close to the race here. >> too close when things go horribly wrong. security cameras catch thieves in action. >> just like that. >> you can lose your phone or bag. see how to spot the scammers. it's a cool, new ad for a game aimed at girls. >> toys for future engineers. >> now, the goldie blocks creator tell how she went from